GipuzkoAround, the team

We are a group of friends from Irun. We are qualified workers in communications and new technologies:: María Rubio, Iker Zaballa, Javier Iribarren and Iñaki Goikoetxea.

GipuzkoAround has been awarded within Olas de energía/Energia olatuak program. It is a program that European capital of Culture/San Sebastián 2016 has launched in order to promote cultural initiatives. Therefore, GipuzkoAround is waiting everyone to contribute, ¡Suggest your favourite place and take part!

The final idea was formed throughout 2015 from the initial crazy one which purpose was to visit all the towns and cities from Gipuzkoa within one day. Having that in mind, we thought, why don’t we make a video out of this? The initiative evolved until the actual project. A 4-5 days recording which follows the footsteps of the video 'Dancing in the Basque Country'. This video was made in 2010 by the same group of friends, and nowadays it has more than 471.000 views in Youtube.