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Making Of: cómo se hizo

The filming of the video Gipuzkoaround supposed a challenge, not just for finding a corner in each town of Gipuzkoa, but for carrying it on in four followed days: from the 23rd to 26th July 2016.

The filming was divided in four days, trying to follow the most logical itinerary through Gipuzkoa: The first day in Donostialdea, Bidasoa and Tolosaldea; the second day remaining in Tolosaldea and going over Goierri; the third day in Urola-Garaia and Debagoiena and the fourth and the last one, from Bergara to the coast and coming back to Donostia. An average of 20-25 towns everyday, many kilometers by car to reach all the places.

A town: a short scene, and every single recording was attached to the previous and the next one. With this purpose, much information was taken into account: the distance between the main characters and the camera, the recording angle, the movements made by people who were taking part in the scenes...All this 89 times, and having the handicap of working with traditional Basque dancers (dantzaris), percussionists (txalapartaris) and elements coming and going out. And as we are in Gipuzkoa we had to do this, depending on the moment, with cold weather, rain, clouds or sun.

Every scene was recorded several times to have the chance of choosing the one that fitted the best in the video , and this, created a wide variety of hilarious scenes for the making of.

To summarise this great adventure during four days in Gipuzkoa, with the explanations of the creators, how this idea rose up, how everything was organized or the anecdotes that came up throughout the filming, you can watch the following video of the “making of”: