I am Capricorn and it is said that our week day is the Saturday.

Saturdays are to be with friends, to enjoy the family and also to develop certain personal projects as GipuzkoAround.

I like to learn new things and maybe that's why I have really diverse studies.

I graduated in communication and after making my internship in different TVs like Teledonosti or Localia, I decided that my education could not be limited to what leaned in the university.

I put on my boots and threw myself to study. I am now graphic designer and I have master degrees in: Marketing and Communication Direction and also Web and multimedia development. As if this was not enough, I also got a higher degree in dental hygiene. It gives a colour touch to my CV

I have worked in communication agencies and companies related to non-formal education. Currently I combine these two areas working as a catalyst for projects in a social services organization as well as instructional designer and video editor for an e-Learning. Company.

Audiovisual creation is one of my passions and GipuzkoAround is a good goal to create a great video. In addition to videos, graphic design and Web also fit in my portfolio, which I invite you to check by accessing at my website: ikerzaballa.com

¡See you around Gipuzkoa!