"“I'm like a tree, with roots in its country and branches open to the world”"

I can apply the above quote from the sculptor Eduardo Chillida to my life since I was born in Irun (Gipuzkoa) 30 years ago. Degree in Humanities: Specialization in Communication, 2008. That's what it says in the title I got after finishing college. A wide base from where I have been developing my professional career.
On the one hand as a journalist in communication medias like Teledonosti or El Diario Vasco and on the other hand, with scholarships, where I want to emphasize the two years duration one. It was related with Direction for the Basque Community Abroad. The Basque Government area which takes care of the relationships with Euskal Etxeak and basque diaspora.

In parallel, I have had interest in many other topics, where I have gained experience. As monitor and director in numerous camps or in the Ruta Quetzal BBVA 2014. As a volunteer on issues related to culture and the Basque language. Sincea decade engaged to Betti Gotti Euskara Kultur Elkartea. As an inveterate traveler discovering the five continents and as travel coordinator with the agency El Paso Noroeste (Traveling is always in mind!). As a teacher with little experiences which I someday hope to expand and in various other areas, such as youth policies, social media, cross-border cooperation or occasional television contests.

All this has been slowly joining making me able to work as Officer in the Youth Basque Council (EGK) or in the Culture and Youth Department of Irun City Council.

In addition there have been other projects that have emerged throughout this time, where 'Dancing in the Basque Country' video stands up among others. A video made by a groupf of friend with no special goals, but with more than 471.000 views in Youtube, it has become a reference in order to discover and show various landscapes of Euskal Herria.

Now comes the challenge of GipuzkoAround, a project where I can continue to go deeper in these topics…