They say it is not easy to write about yourself, especially when the purpose is to present yourself to others. A friend of her friends, I am Maria Rubio 30 years ago and the female point of view of this project.

I am committed since a lifetime to club Leka Enea table tennis Irun, where I have changed the competition for sports education focused on a range of ages from the small kids to people who could be their own grandparents. I am also responsible of promoting the image of the club beyond its walls. Not in vain, I studied in Deusto University a Humanities degree: Company, with specialty in Marketing and also two years of Graphic Design in Area Academy, both things in Donostia.

Corporate image, advertising posters, web contents, promotional videos and photos, campaigns to attract new students …all this variety of things in order to enhance a historical club.

In addition, the interest in photography that was born as a teenager, has also evolved, and I have the great good fortune to work on it for six years. Foto Estudio Aristi is the place, also in Irun.

Being a person that has everything close home, and knowing the potential of our environment, why not show it in an attractive way to all those who cannot enjoy or do not have the great pleasure of knowing Gipuzkoa?

We all know the Kursaal theater in Donostia, the Getaria mouse, the Sanctuary of Aranzazu or Tolosa beans ... but as Audrey Tautou showed in Amélie, I prefer to enjoy the small pleasures of life, and getting lost in streets, forests, smells and tastes of cities, towns and people.

From my point of view, this shade is the one that will allow us to show a much richer and complete Gipuzkoa, and of course, everyone’s. With your permission, if you don’t mind.