What is GipuzkoAround?

GipuzkoAround is a Project with the aim of joining for the first time all the townships of Gipuzkoa in a video. A 4-5 minutes video that gather significant corners, streets, monuments, landscapes and people from our towns and cities of our historical territory.


How did we come up with this idea?

We came up with this idea in 2015. It came about from another idea when we decided to try and visit all of the towns and cities of Gipuzkoa in one day. Then we actually started working on the idea! A 4-5 days recording, following in the footsteps of "Dancing in the Basque Country". This video was made in 2010 by the same group of friends and has now over 471000 Youtube views!

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What is the objective?

We believe that all the towns and cities of Gipuzkoa have interesting places, things and people that not all the visitors or even the locals know. We want to show all these corners and make everyone aware of their value. Additionally, GipuzkoAround has also the objective of making the citizens, workers or even tourists of Gipuzkoa, participants of the project.


How is the video going to be made?

The project is divided in four phases throughout 2016:

1) March-June:
This is the phase were the project is explained. In order to do that, a web page will be launched along with social media profiles. GipuzkoAround plans to involve everyone! Those who live here, workers and even tourists. We want to get veryone involved. All the people who wish to suggest a place to appear on the video will be able to do so by using a form that they fill find on the webpage or by email.

2) June-July:
The itinerary will be presented along with the timetable which we will be present in every city/town during the 4-5 days that the tour will take. The places selected will be also published and we will close all related items regarding recording logistics.

3) July:
We will record the video by travelling around with two cars during 4-5 days. Every day we will visit around twenty places and everyone will be able to follow us via GPS tracking published on the web page. In the same way everyone will be able to join us during the recording. Apart from the main video, the making off will be also recorded.

4) September-October:
GipuzkoAround video presentation with its production. The web page will be updated with all the contents gathered during the tour so that they can be checked by anyone in the future.


Who is behind this project?

We are a group of friends from Irun. We are qualified workers in communications and tech: María Rubio, Iker Zaballa, Javier Iribarren and Iñaki Goikoetxea.

Meet the team

GipuzkoAround has been awarded within Olas de energía/Energia olatuak program. It is a program that European capital of Culture/San Sebastián 2016 has launched in order to promote tourism and culture sector initiatives. Therefore, GipuzkoAround is waiting everyone to contribute, ¡Suggest your favourite place and take part!